What You Need to Know About Lebanon

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Let us share a brief of necessary and useful information about Lebanon. Above all, Lebanon is very safe country, with lovely and welcoming citizens. Therefore, why not embarking on a new journey of historical quest, amazing nature, mouth watering dishes, and a lot of fun.

Country :

Republic of Lebanon

Location and Size:

Situated on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea, Lebanon has an area of 10,452 sq km.

Monetary Unit:

The Lebanese Pound, or Livre Libanaise(ll), $1 = ll 1,507 approx

Main Cities:

Beirut ( Capital), Tripoli, Saida, Tyr, Zahle, Jounieh, and Jbeil


Within 45 min drive in spring and fall, both skiing and swimming are doable. For instance, here is a generic information of the four seasons:

Fall (October-November) Temperatures range from 5-20°C (40-68°F) in the mountains and from 15-28°C (60-85°F) on the coast

Winter (December-March) temperatures ranging from 10-20°C (50-67°F)

Springtime (April-May) The near perfect weather, 0-15°C (32-60°F) in the mountains and 15-25°C (58-72°F) along the coast

Summer (June-September) warm temperatures along the coast, 20-32°C (68-90°F),


Most of the population speaks three languages: Arabic (official language),French, and English.


Ethnic Christians ( Maronites, Catholics, and Orthodox), Muslims ( Shia, Sunni, and Druze).

A Few Famous Lebanese Slang Words to Remember:

Marhaba ( Hello), Ahlein ( welcome), Habibi (my love), Wallaw ( beg), Atel ( bad),Bkit ( cry),Salbe ( orginal, different), Hamshareyti ( my gang), Bsheel ( lift), Momtaz ( superb), Kifak ( how are you), Adeich ( how much), Jaggal ( Attractive man), Chaafeh (beautiful girl/ piece of material)

Traditional Dishes:

Kebbeh, Tabouleh, Fatoush, Hommos, Moutabal, Shawarma, Machawi, Falafel, Fateh, Foul, Knefeh, Bouza, Sahlab

Famous Night Clubs:

BuddhaBar, White, BearCat, Skybar, O1NE, AHM

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