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Welcome To Lebanon Expedition……We provide Private & Group Exclusive Tours Along With Hotel Stay & All Land Transfers.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Lebanon rich history dated to 3000 BC combined with stunning landscape scenery and lively citizens makes it an unbeatable tourist destination that has it all. From the sight seeing of old citadels and castles, to the jaw-dropping mountain views, to the delicious food, and to the various activities we will guarantee for you a unique and rich experience that you will always want to come back for more.

Lebanon Expedition offers you a warm welcome and is eager to provide you with authentic Lebanese experiences.

Relax and let us show you Lebanon. The journey starts by touring Lebanon’s capital Beirut “The Paris of the Middle East”,  we will show you the Raouche famous rock along the Corniche, takes you through the Roman baths and ruins dated to 64BC and stopping by the city modern down town area. Jump into the cable car and enjoy the breath taking view of Jounieh Bay. Head to Byblos and explore the Phoenician civilization and history. Explore Mameluke early castles, citadels, and vibrant souks.  Taste authentic mouth watering Lebanese food. If that is not enough then prepare yourself to tour the majestic “Cedars of God”, the valley of Saints, and Kadisha Grotto. Take a drive through a live vivid painting of the Bekaa Valley, Tour the famous Roman  Temples Jupiter, Bacchus, and Venus that goes to 150BC. Pass by the Umayyad’s city ruins of Anjar that goes to 660 AC. Enjoy the view of the endless vines fields and break in some of the best wineries in the region.

Let us show you Lebanon through a sneak-peek, just to get a feeling .

Lebanon Expedition is happy to design a private or group tour that reflects your unique travel interests. Just Fly into Beirut Rafic Al Hariri International Airport with your Visa, Travel Insurance and we assure you a perfect holiday experience, designed to amaze, inspire and revitalize you.

Lebanon Loves You..Get Ready And Start Your Dream Holiday With us!

<p>Pick up from Beirut airport, check in at hotel, refresh and depending on arrival time we can customize the following tour to do either Harissa or Beirut tour or both. The tour starts by driving along the coast to Jounieh. Board the Telfrique (skyline) and Funicular all the way up to the majestic mountain of Notre Dame Du Harissa. Tour one of Lebanon’s most visited touristic. Visit the Basilica and climb the 110 steps reaching the statue. Take the cable car back to Jounieh. Drive towards Beirut and stop along the way for lunch (at customer own preference and cost). Visit the famous Raouche rock and corniche, heading afterwards towards Solidere, Parliament Square, the historical St George Cathedral , and Roman ruins. Pass by Zeitouna bay on the way back or Souk El Tayeb for a nice evening stroll along the Mediterranean coast and for Dinner (at customer own cost). Return to hotel by 19:00.</p>

<p>Pick up from hotel at 9:00 A.M. drive along the coast then start the ascent towards Zouk Mosbeh then descend towards the famous Jeita Grotto (One of the top wonders of the world).(entrance cost to Jeita is to be covered by customer) Ride the cable car to reach the Grotto, then take a walk inside the miraculous grotto and admire one of best wonders of nature. Ride the small train and get on the boat and tour the second grotto floating over its turquoise blue color. Afterwards, the family can stop by the small zoo, enjoy a rest in the Garden and take photos with the sculptures while children can have fun in the mini zoo. Savor some light snacks from the cafeteria (at customer own cost). Take the cable car back to the car park and board the car to drive along the coast north reaching Byblos ( one of the oldest cities in mankind history). Tour the old city and explore the traditional souks, modern restaurants, Phoenician citadels dated 2000 B.C.. Return to hotel by 18:00 P.M.</p>

<p>Checkout and Pick up from hotel at 8:00 A.M. drive all the way up across the western mountains of Lebanon all the way to Baalbek ( about 2 hours). Explore the Baalbek group of Roman temples and wander in the Temple of Jupiter vast and impressive podium and courtyard. Enjoy a break for traditional Lebanese lunch (at your own cost). Head to Anjar Umayyad old city ruins that goes to 660 AC. Visit and stroll in the souks. Head to the beautiful Zahle. Take a 1 hour drive towards the famous Ksara caves, house of the finest wine in the region. Take a tour of the caves and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with some fine wine tasting. Return to hotel and check in by 19:00.</p>

<p>Pick up from hotel at 9:00 A.M. drive for around 2 hours reaching the sky reaching tall trees of the Iron Oak. Take a small walk in the mesmerizing colorful forest. Drive up to Sahlet El Ammouaa and enjoy the endless views of the Cedars and Juniper forests. Break for a lightsnack (provided) Drive to Shir El sanam where you feel you are on top of the world ( amazing photos to take). Drive down to the city of Kobayat and access the butterfly museum and enjoy a late lunch/early dinner in Mar Challita Valley. Head back and check in at the hotel by 19:00.</p>

<p>Pick up from hotel at 9:00 A.M. Head towards Kousba and view the black Castle and Hamatoura monastery ( only view from outside and taking photos as time does not permit to make long stop). Continue the ascent towards Hasroun ( Lebanon’s most beautiful village) passing by Bsharri ( home town of the famous poet (Jibran Khalil Jibran) and continue the trip reaching the Cedars of God. Take a walk in the cedars forest and take photos with some of the trees sculpture and among the millennium old trees. Pass by the souvenir shops and grab some light lunch (at customer own cost) and drive down towards Bchareh, Kadisha. Take a nice walk among the majestic mountains surrounding you and reach to Kadisha Grotto. Tour the Grotto and be amazed with the stalactite and stalagmite structures. Head back to car and continue the descent towards Ehden and visit the famous Saydet El Hosn. Relax and enjoy the long but relaxing trip back to the hotel and expected to reach by 19:00.</p>

<p>Pick up from hotel at 9:00 A.M. head to Anaya explore the serenity of the area. Hear the beat of your heart as you are overlooking the breath taking view of Akoura Lakes. Drive to Tanourine and take a walk to the natural Baatra Cave, also known as the Cave of the Three Bridges. During Winter or early Spring you will be amazed with 250m waterfall drop. Stop for light lunch and be ready for a nice trekking in Tanourine Cedars Reserve where tourists enjoy various level tracks and amazing landscaped mountains with cedars trees . Head back to Hotel by 19:00.</p>

<p>Pick up from hotel at 9:00 A.M. Head towards El Norieh Cliff for a spectacular view and to take few photo snaps of the blue Hirri blue lagoon. Drive down to Tripoli the second largest city in Lebanon where history lovers will appreciate the Crusader- and Ottoman architecture found abundantly across the city. Tour the Old historical souks. Pass by Khan El Saboun. Break for traditional Tripolitanian dishes and sweets. Head towards the majestic St. Giles citadel overlooking the city and which was built by Fatimid. Explore the Mina Roman ruins, and Corniche. Head back to hotel to pick up the luggage and drop off at airport.</p>


  • - Accommodation for two adults in four stars hotels or lodge with two single or one king bed
  • - Daily breakfast for two
  • - All entrance fees are covered
  • - WiFi throughout the trip provided inside the transportation vehicle
  • - Airport pick up and drop back
  • - Bottled mineral water provided during tour
  • - Private and exclusive tours as per the itinerary
  • - Daily Pick & Drop service for tour


  • - Flight tickets and travel insurance
  • - Visa Fees. (Visa free for many countries please check this link
  • - Lunch & Dinner
  • - Paid entertainment and activities
what to bring along for the trip?

In Summer needs to pack comfortable shoes, light clothes, jumper, sun screen, hat, and sun glasses. During Winter you need to pack warm clothes, gloves, sun glasses, hat, and a beanie.

What are the visa requirements?

Touristic visa on arrival for 30 days is usually granted for most countries. To verify the conditions and if any charges applicable please visit this link

What to wear when visiting religious paces?

Modest clothes and appropriate clothes are recommended when visiting religious places. Women are advised not to wear shorts and short skirts. It is also recommended for women to bring along a scarf to cover their hair for when visiting mosques.

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