Lebanon’s best tour packages and daily hot deals

Lebanon Expedition tour designers have carefully designed some of Lebanon’s best tour packages and daily hot deals that reflects various unique travel interests. Just Fly into Beirut Rafic Al Hariri International Airport with your Visa, Travel Insurance and we assure you a perfect holiday experience, designed to amaze, inspire and revitalize you.

Lebanon Expedition tours are designed to increase your holiday satisfactions and relaxation. leave all your worries behind and let us pamper you.

Lebanon best tour packages

We have listened and took feedback from our customers and designed the best value satisfaction packages to address a wide range to traveler’s choices.  Our packages include: Fast track (2 nights/3 days), Weekend (2 nights/3 days), Deluxe ( 4 nights/ 5 days), Winter Adrenaline ( 4 nights / 5 days, Premium ( 6 nights/ 7 days), Christian Historic Tour ( 5 nights/ 6 days), and Islamic Historic Tour (4 nights/ 5 days).

If you are looking for a best tour experience without hurting your wallet then look no more. Our tour packages are the best in the market offering great coverage and not standard Eight hours tours. Flexibility of our whole team to accommodate any of our customers’ preferences or changes is one of our key differentiation. Combine all of that with daily hot deals guaranteeing the cheapest and best tour packages deals in the market.

If you are curious to learn more about Lebanon history, culture, important sights, and things to do, then you are encouraged to visit our destinations pages which gives you a fair amount of information and what to see and expect in your Lebanon’s tour: https://lebanonexpedition.com/destination/

For more information about Lebanon check Lebanon’s ministry of tourism website which has tons of additional information: http://www.mot.gov.lb/

Lebanon Expedition offers you a warm welcome and is eager to provide you with authentic Lebanese experiences.