Capital of Lebanon, early civilizations and history, magnificent never sleeping city on the Mediterranean. This is your first gateway to see Lebanon from a new prospective and learn about a unique culture in the Middle East.

Roman Bath Beirut Lebanon Tour by Lebanon Expedition

Roman Bath

Roman Berytus Baths is an ancient Roman thermae or bath site inside the Roman city of Berytus. It was discovered in 1968-1969 and underwent major renovation in the mid-1990s. It had four baths. One of the Baths is used as an artistic performance and concert space. It was built during the 2nd century and the baths were destroyed in 551 AD- by a major earthquake. Today, the Roman Berytus Baths reflects the ancient traditions of the site. One of the Baths is used as an artistic performance and concert space. This site is also home to “Garden of Forgiveness” which shows the several layers of historical Berytus and commemorates the scars of the past civil war.

Beirut Down Town

Nejme Square is the heart of central Beirut district. surrounded by three adjacent mosques and 3 churches. It hosts the Lebanese Parliament, Marty’s square, elite brands shops, and fine cuisine restaurants. St. Georges Greek Orthodox Cathedral is a relatively small museum that reveals layers of Christian heritage belonging to a series of seven churches built on the same exact site starting 2000 years ago. Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, is built in the place of what was 19th century called A Zawiya (prayer corner). its design is evocative of the Ottomans’ monumental architecture. Excavations in the area finds as the Phoenician Tell, the Bronze Age city gate and remains from the Persian, Hellenistic, Byzantine, Medieval and Ottoman periods.

Soulk Eltayeb tour by Lebanon Expedition

Souk El Tayeb

Souk El Tayeb began in its concept as an organic market, but soon changed to be a farmers’ market of fresh, local, and seasonal food products.

Zaitunay Bay Tour by Lebanon Expedition

Zaitunay Bay

A modern tourist attraction by the sea that comprises of fine dining restaurants, open space for displaying artworks, walking space by the sea, and a yacht club. Zaitunay Bay offers an array of cultural, leisure, and social activities making it a must see attraction when visiting Beirut.

Raouche Lebanon tour by Lebanon Expedition


Raouche rock, also known as the “Pigeon Rocks”, which is 60-meter high offshore rock couple. It is the first things that comes to one’s mind when mentioning Beirut. It is a must see site when visiting Lebanon. It is an amazing place to enjoy a romantic afternoon and watch sunset and complement that with a dinner. Visitors also can enjoy an nice walk along the promenade and corniche or take a boat tour and pass through the big rock arch and snapping some amazing photos.

Beirut National Museum Lebanon Tour by Lebanon Expedition

National Museum of Beirut

The National Museum of Beirut has collections totaling about 100,000 exhibited objects. Spending few hours in the museum will take you in a time travel from prehistoric times to the medieval Mamluk period. The museum architecture is an Egyptian Revival, and is a leading collector for ancient Phoenician objects.

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